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Our Community

Don Stoddart has had a long-standing relationship with the Brampton Canadettes girls hockey league, having started his coaching career with them in 2001, enjoying success at every level. Teams under Don’s guidance have won more than 35 medals and over 20 different championships during the past decade. Many of Don’s players’ accomplishments hang from the rafters and are in the trophy cases throughout Century Gardens. Don has always taken his coaching position seriously and has devoted many hours both on and off the ice.


Shortly after joining the Canadettes, Don became an active member of the organization’s executive. He has held a number of positions including Treasurer, Ice Scheduler, and Uniform and Apparel Director. He has also been an integral part of the Brampton Canadettes Easter Tournament, serving as the tournament’s vice-president. He has helped this prestigious tournament grow to over 421 teams in recent years, allowing the Canadettes to maintain the event’s honour as the largest female hockey tournament in the world.


Don has also been active with the City of Brampton developing and maintaining relationships with the Mayor and all the people within the Parks and Recreation Department. Working alongside the City The Brampton the Canadettes association has become the envy of many other organizations.


Don was also the driving force behind the Brampton Canadettes Scholarship Fund, established during the 2009-10 season. In addition to creating the criteria for the scholarship fund and putting together a review committee, Don was the master of ceremonies for the inaugural Canadettes banquet in April 2010, when scholarships were presented to 12 players who are now attending post-secondary institutions across Canada. The association scholarship fund is believed to be one of the largest of any girls hockey association in Canada.


Don’s has a simple explanation for the many hours he has devoted to girls hockey in Brampton. “It’s for the girls,’’ he says. “It’s about their futures. We have the ability to impact players’ lives and we should do so in a positive manner. These girls hold our future in their hands so we must be a positive influence. We need to motivate our players to achieve their dream in hockey and more importantly in life.’’


Jan 2011...Don Stoddart named General Manager of Brampton Canadettes Junior Thunder.


Raving Fans


In 2008, I was honoured by the industry with a Best Customer Service award. I greatly appreciated the award, not only because of the honour, but also because it is hard to find good customer service these days. It seems that we have become a throwaway society and are treated as such. But for those of us that have experienced great customer service, I think it's important to spread the word. If you’ve had a great customer service experience, please email me so we can share it here and reward that great service. I hope you enjoy these examples of great service in our community.


Peer Regional Police Force

Rob Rutledge of Al's Barber Shop/Salon

Valentine Spa

Custodio Studio

TK's Catering

Rob Crouch, PDC Barristers & Solicitors

David Andrew's Men's Wear

Kelly Neuber


Peel Regional Police Force

We all need to recognize a group of people who are skilled, dedicated and work hard, yet are often misunderstood. My Ravings Fan award goes out to the men and women of the Peel Regional Police Force. Since our family moved here in 1986, I have had the opportunity to meet many officers though my work and the ‘Toys for Tots’ program. They are a truly professional group who do an outstanding job protecting and serving our community. Hats off to all of you, and thank you!


Robert Rutledge of Al’s Barber Shop/Salon

Rob purchased Al’s Barbershop, the oldest Barber Shop in Brampton, just over 15 years ago and recently moved to a new location on 247 Queen St. When you drop in, it’s like visiting the mayor’s office. You are always running into the who’s who of Brampton and finding out what is happening around our fine town. Rob is truly a community person and supports two great charities – The Lucas Foundation in the summer and Adopt a Dog in the winter. I am not sure if they wrote the book “The Wealthy Barber” about Rob, but if wealth was measured in friendship and community support, Rob would be a millionaire. If you are looking for a great place to have a chat or a coffee, stop in and see Rob; he might even have time to cut your hair.

Robert Rutledge of Al’s Barber Shop/Salon

247 Queen St. W., Brampton, ON L6Y 1M7



Valentine Spa

Valentine’s is a relatively new spa that has opened at 21 Theatre Lane in downtown Brampton, right across from the Rose Theatre. The owner/Spa Director is Andrea Valentine, an exceptional person to say the least. Her slogan for the Spa is “Love Yourself ”. They specialize in Spa treatments and Skin Care Therapies. Although this may not be the time of year to be spending money on yourself, it certainly is the time of year to treat the ones you love. Give them a call and find out why people have been Raving about this new business.

Valentine Spa

Andrea Baranowski (owner/operator)

21 Theatre Lane, Brampton, ON L6V 1N6



Custodio Studio

You can’t go wrong with photographer Herman Custodio for any personal or corporate events. He has done three corporate photo shoots for our company that turned out great. He first understands your needs and then accommodates you as best he can. Herman is very enjoyable to work with and his photography is first-class. His fee was also very reasonable. I highly recommend Herman Custodio; he’s a top notch photographer. Kelly Neuber, VP Marketing, myNext Mortgage

Herman Custodio (owner/operator)

Custodio Studio Inc.

53 Main Street North, Brampton, ON L6X 1M8



TK's Catering

Recently one of my clients was married in the sunny south, and of course we’d like to say congratulations! Upon the newlyweds’ return home, they held an open house that was catered by TK's Catering. When I spoke with them recently they raved about the food and the quality of service. So if you are in need of a caterer you might want to look them up.

TK's Catering

27 Fisherman Drive, Unit 4

Brampton, ON



Robert Crouch, PDC Barristers and Solicitors

Bob provided my daughter Rainee with exceptional customer service when she purchased her new home in Guelph. He took the time to explain the transaction

in detail and made Rainee feel very comfortable with the process. Bob really took the stress out of the situation and made the whole experience an enjoyable one.

Thank you Bob from the Stoddart Family.

Robert Crouch, PDC Barristers and Solicitors

50 Queen St. West, Brampton L6X 4H3

Tel. 905.451.6610


David Andrews Men's Wear

The CMP Gala Awards Night was a black tie affair. By five o’clock my wife Deb was dressed and ready to go. I decided that I would change at the office. As I pulled out my tuxedo to put it on, there was something very wrong. I had packed my 1989 tux instead of my 2008 tux – and I was not going to lose 20 pounds in 10 minutes! In a panic my wife and I called every tuxedo store in Brampton to no avail. I was dead in the water; we had no time to drive home to pick up my proper tux. Deb decided that she would call David Andrews Men’s Wear. This has been my favorite store in downtown Brampton for dress clothes for the past 15 years, and they have been known to save my bacon on more than one occasion. To my surprise, they answered the phone after closing. Deb explained my situation and without hesitation they told her to send me over. With my tail between my legs I ran to the store. Within half an hour I left the store fully dressed with a new tailored suit adjusted and pressed. With my new orange tie and vest and polished shoes we were off to the Gala. And now you know the rest. Thank you Dave, Andy and Moe. You are simply the best! If you are ever looking for quality men’s wear, Dave Andrews is the place.


Kelly Neuber

Since starting my newsletter “homefront” eight years ago, I have always relied on one person to help me bring it all together and get it out to you.  This person has become a trusted advisor and an integral part of my business.  She  understands who I am and how much my clients mean to me.  She also understands how I think and what my core values are as a person.  Kelly Neuber has been the driving force behind my new website and building my confidence to enter this new world of social media.  I was very sad when I heard that Kelly would be moving on to a new role with a new company.  I really feel that I have been fortunate to have worked with such an expert and a true friend.  I am not sure that I could ever thank her enough for helping me take care of “you”, my most trusted asset. But I thought it would be a nice tribute to recognize such an amazing person in our final “homefront” together.  Kelly, Live, Laugh and Love as we know that’s what life is all about.  I know that we will remain good friends, but you will be truly missed by all of us.